Credit/ATM Card Grabber

Healing Goddess 2 U

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  • Save your long nails: this credit card puller for long nails will not only help you hold your credit cards, but also make it easy to pull them out when using them at ATMs without hurting your long nails
  • Colorful fluffy appearance: the credit card grabber for long nails is made of quality beads, sturdy and lightweight, equipped with artificial pompom balls in different colors, soft and fluffy, which will add some vitality to your items
  • Lightweight and portable: these pom poms key chains are light in weight, and compact in size, so you can hang it in your bag or put it in your pocket without taking up too much space for you, it will only make it easier and faster for you to find your keys
  • Adorable decoration accessories: these debit card grabbers for long nails with cute pompoms, can also be applied as keychains, or pretty decorations that can be hung on bags or clothes for a charming decorative effect


Attractive and practical:
This ATM card clip for long nails is a beaded keychain, with a clip on the end, making it easy to attach the clip to your card, and insert/remove it from the machine as usual.

Sweet gift choices:
These trendy card pullers with cute fluffy pom pom balls in bright color, provide you an ideal gift option for your family and friends, especially for those pretty ladies who love long nails.

Material: alloy, beads, pom pom