Healing Goddess Keloid Hypertrophic Scar Dissolve Gel

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Healing Goddess Keloid Hypertrophic Scar Dissolve Gel is a slow acting gel that will cause no pain but may experience some tingling. Keloids are made up of collagen and fibrin. Dimexide in the gel breaks the collagen bonds on the raised scar and destroys the fibrin.  At the same dimexide is anti-inflammatory, but initiates inflammation in the scar that is temporary.  Upon first application it starts to work within 30 minutes. The scar will start to redden and enlarge.  As the bonds of the collagen break this causes physical enlargement. It can be applied up to 8 hours nonstop.  After usage has been stopped for 12 hours the scar will be smaller.  Applying the gel will start the process again and should be done over and over until it has completely flattened and scar tissue is no longer felt.  Excessive scar tissue is caused by fibroblasts that secrete too much collagen and fibrin. It takes time to break this up and many hours of usage of the gel. The gel does not dry out, but does require washing off and reapplication every 4 hours.  Madecassoside has been shown to destroy fibroblasts that cause keloids.  Madecassoside induces apoptosis of keloid fibroblasts via a mitochondrial‐dependent pathway. Madecassoside suppresses migration of fibroblasts from keloids: involvement of p38 kinase and PI3K signaling pathways. Madecassoside is included in the gel at a concentration high enough to be bioactive.
Dimexide, MSM, distilled water, carbomer 940, TEA, madecassoside (MA), asiatic acid, asiaticoside
Directions for use: To apply the gel use the spatula to dab it on the scar. Very little is needed for it to work, so one jar will last a very long time.